Portland, Oregon 2024-05-01


Fizz is an experimental mixed-reality music visualizer. It was inspired by the visualizers of the late 90s and early 2000s, but with more interactivity. Fizz is currently available for Meta Quest, with additional platforms in the works.


Fizz was created with Unity using OpenXR packages for interaction and VFX Graph/Shader Graph for visual effects. Audio processing is handled with Unity’s Jobs system with frequency band data made available both CPU-side and GPU-side in a Graphics Buffer. Art assets were created primarily with Blender and Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


My initial plan was to tie directly into existing streaming music services, but this proved to be exceedingly frustrating because most popular services are locked down by design or have limited/unsupported APIs. This frustration ultimately led me to create my own simple service based on the OpenSubsonic API with a selection of CC0, CC-By and other public domain tracks. This also opens up support for users to connect to their own SubSonic music servers, though the hope is to eventually support streaming music servers through other means.