Hell is Other People

New York City, New York 2013-05-09


Hell Is Other People is an experiment in anti-social media. Using your FourSquare account, this site will track check-ins by your “friends” and calculate optimal locations for avoiding them.

The Concept

This project is partially a satire, partially a commentary on my disdain for “social media”, and partially an exploration of my own difficulties with social anxiety.

The title comes from an existentialist play by Jean-Paul Sartre entitled No Exit.

The Backend

This project was developed using the Express web application framework for Node.js and is hosted on the Heroku cloud application platform. It is powered by the FourSquare API.

The Map

The map is generated using the Google Maps API with custom styling. The locations given to avoid other users are calculated by generating a Voronoi diagram with user check-ins as seeds. The diagram is generated using a javascript library by Raymond Hill.



This project was built as a final for James George’s Emerging Processes in Video Art at ITP.