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Heartache as a Masterpiece

Heartache as a Masterpiece


Heartache as a Masterpiece is an interactive installation that explores the philosophical and psychological implications of the artistic self and the human drive to create. It was created as my final thesis project for a BFA in Design at Cornish College of the Arts.

A web-based adaptation of the project can be viewed here: Heartache as a Masterpiece.


The core application was developed and animated in Adobe Flash using AS3 for easy portability from desktop to web. The installation consists of a custom-built cabinate housing a touch screen along with all other components, including a projector. Also included is a custom projection screen, built and framed to look like a painting and hung on velvet curtains, allowing other viewers to observe the project while a single person uses it.


Warhol on WealthFreud on FameThoreau on SimplicityMonet on ObsessionBlake on LibertyFrankl on Illumination


Many thanks to Süperfad for providing hardware for the original installation, Matthan Minster for help with constructing the kiosk and to Raymond Maxwell for too many things to list.