Mission Control: Global Traffic Visualizer

Seattle, Washington 2011-06-01


Created with Loren Judah, this visualizer displays global web traffic for a domain along with various information about the home city of each visitor.


Every day, people from all around the world visit our sites to learn about us. We thought it would be nice to learn about them for a change. With that in mind, we created a global traffic visualizer to teach us more about our web audience and the cities and countries in which they live.



The visuals are driven by data from Google Analytics, the Yahoo! Developer Network and GeoNames. Key technologies include HTML5, CSS3 and, most notably, WebGL, which allows for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics directly within a web browser.


Many thanks to Ricardo Cabello (Mr.doob) for his wonderful 3D Javascript engine, Three.js, as well as his very helpful feedback on performance tuning.