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Pieces is a simple experiment in color, composition and context. It searches Flickr for a landscape from a given month of the year and displays three randomly selected portions of it.

View Pieces now and refresh until something beautiful happens.


This visualization uses jQuery and the Flickr API. First, a random month is selected and a search is performed on Flickr for that month along with the word “landscape”. A random image is then chosen out of the first 1,000 results, which are sorted by a Flickr metric called “interestingness”. This photo is then displayed within three HTML “div” tags using the CSS property “background-image” along with random values for “background-position”.


Pieces was inspired by a pair of posts (one, two) by Heather Chen. I was attracted to the idea of a part vs. whole exploration within a single image, as well as how that relationship might (or might not) resonate with a simple, but loaded, concept such as a month of the year.


The images displayed are, of course, property of their copyright owners. A link to the original photo and its owner can be found at the bottom of the page. The photo pictured in the screenshot belongs to Nathan Bergeron Photography.