Portland, Oregon 2019-05-11


Strata is a VR experience that allows users to paint a virtual wall, then see an animated history of all of its layers. It was first shown at the 2019 Spring Creative Technology Show, hosted by Make+Think+Code at PNCA.


For years I’ve been drawn to the accidental beauty of graffiti cover-up painting and the strange collaboration between the graffiti artists and maintenance people behind it. This led me to imagine a project that would allow users to dig through these layers to see the full history of this back and forth exchange.


This project was created with Unity 3D as a way to experiment with the Lightweight Render Pipeline. Each stroke in a new color from either the roller or spray can creates a new texture layer, all of which can be animated away with the press of a button.


Special thanks to TheLifeIsYours for contributing work on 3D assets for the roller and spray can.