Portland, Oregon 2018-06-05


This is a project about obsessing over details. When building out a larger creative work, it’s sometimes easy to fall slightly in love with a minor element that may never even be noticed by anyone in the completed piece. This happens to me especially in client projects where the overall creative vision isn’t necessarily my own, so I have to carve out some little chunk to fixate on.


During a recent game development stream, LanaLux found herself drawn in by a tiny detail—the lock on the shed in the backyard of one of her characters. I half-jokingly offered to create a tribute to it if she shared the model. She did, so I did.


To get started, I took Lana’s lock model into Maya LT for a little tweaking and then Substance Painter for texturing. From there, it was off to Unity where I started building out some animations to experiment with the relatively new Timeline feature. After rendering in Unity’s Record tool, I took the frames to Adobe Premiere and cut together the final video.


Thanks to Lana for sharing the model and for being tolerant of such a strange use of her assets. Music is Seductress by Francis Preve.