Scott Made This

Nonsense (A Series)


These clips are the result of a Twitch series in which I took 5-10 random images from and created an animation in around three hours.


In the spirit of previous projects like No Mistakes, I wanted to create a series of works that conform to a simple set of rules with no pressure or expectations regarding the outcome. In this case the rules that emerged were as follows:

I started a Twitch stream by “drawing” ten random images from I had the option to “redraw” any two images that I didn’t like. I then had the duration of the stream (usually about three hours) to edit and animate a short clip with at least five of the ten images.

This project was also an opportunity to dust off some old animation skills and revisit a more intuition-based approach to design—something that often gets lost in the more technical and results-driven work that I do.


Nonsense (Nonsense.)Nonsense (Nonsense from Above.)Nonsense (Serious Nonsense.)Nonsense (Sensible Nonsense.)Nonsense (Untitled Nonsense.)Nonsense (Nonsense Continued.)Nonsense (Nonsense Revisited.)Nonsense (Nonsense the Third.)Nonsense (Further Nonsense.)